Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Batman Inked

I finally got around to inking this picture and I must say I had fun doing this, especially for my first time. I have not used the dip pen yet rather I chose faber-castle's artist pen and was pretty pleased with the results. The only downfalls are the visible strokes, and non-continuous tones of black. But those were easily fixed in photoshop ( I love photoshop). And since I started this drawing in my sketchbook on some recycled paper ( I'm somewhat going green here), the ink fell through a tad bit making the paper too delicate to ink over a second layer to take care of the strokes. I know next time to pull out the nice heavy comic book paper. Not sure if you can notice( I'm not pointing it out either :-) ), but I also left a bit of Batman un-inked as I may try some photoshop tricks to enhance the image, but we will see that on the next post. Well here is my inked version of Batman, I may take a couple days off as I'm averaging 3-5 hours of sleep and I can feel my body becoming mad at me, so color version should be up by the weekend.

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