Monday, June 8, 2009


Well this is my first post so I guess telling a little about myself is necessary....hmmm, i draw, and that's what this blog is about drawing, illusrating, and more drawing. Hopefully I can post something everyday, that is the goal.So I hope you enjoy my conquest in becoming the best artist I can be.
Oh yeah, this piece is a drawing I started in photoshop. If you looked on my FB, or DA page you probably noticed (or didnt) my little rant about photoshop NOT having an auto-save feature...thus my 1.5 hr painting of batman vanished into cyborg space.
Usually I don't do fan art and I find it ironic that a drawing of the Dark Knight is my first blog post, but still one of my favorite characters so that's why he is up here. So here are the pencils, first and second round. I may do a third round or go straight into inking, then coloring. Hopefully this will only take 2 more days...

Oh, btw...critiques are welcome

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