Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Colt 1911

I decided that I need to get more texture practice for games so I started working on small items first, i.e props. I chose to model a colt 1911, I already had the necessary references and had an idea on how to model this so I thought it would be good practice to give it a shot again. Today I spent pretty much the whole day modeling, retopologzing, UV mapping and texturing. The textures are at the base level right now. I wanted to try some new tricks with this software called smart normal. In photoshop, I created a pattern to go on the gun. I then exported just the pattern out as a .jpg and brought that into smart normal. Smart normal generates pretty good normal maps of photos. I used that pattern of the normal, overlaid onto my normals created from xNormal and viola, pretty nice pattern for the gun without using ZBrush to sculpt those details in.

Hi res and low res marmoset render posted.

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